About "Panel time overrides & timeshift" - Previous month time-range

Hi there!

We’re building a dashboard with multiple “Single stats” panels trying to have a comparative between two dates.

Here is the screenshot.

The issue comes with last one, the previous month representation and it seems because we cannot model the “from:” - “to:” range.


We’re using the v6.2.2

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Hello avilacardenosa! Please check out this Panel Custom Time Interval for more information on this. :slight_smile:

Hi Ivana!

Thanks for your response!

The issue with that approach is that in the range “from-to”, the “to” will be always the current date.

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If you want the information about the previous full month, you can do following:

  1. Edit panel.
  2. Open time range and choose previous month.
  3. Open time range again and choose custom range. Becasue we have picked previous month before, we will now be able to see the query, that we can use in Timeshift -> 1M/M.
  4. Copy the 1M/M query and paste it to Time Shift.
  5. Save and see the result:
    Dashboard time range is last 6 hours but panel shows full last month:

    Dashboard time range is last 6 month but panel shows full last month:
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Hello, i´m writing because try to do all that people put here, however nothing work, any idea more?

Thanks a lot!!
After change version, I cannot set time range