Graph to show previous week, previous day and current

I am trying to setup a graph that will show current day volume, previous 24hours and previous week, so as to compare volume

Something to this affect:

Hi @ruthk, welcome to the community!

The dashboard time range is controlled by the time control on a per dashboard basis. But you can use an offset in individual panels to show different time ranges in the same dashboard:

Panel time overrides and shift

In Query options, you can override the relative time range for individual panels, causing them to be different than what is selected in the dashboard time picker in the upper right. This allows you to show metrics from different time periods or days at the same time.

Hi @melori.arellano is there any way to make a dynamic time range? using query option give me the static time range. if i want to make a user can select the time range they want, how to do it?

Using the time selector drop down: