Panel zoomable based on relative time( range selector)

Is it possible to zoom the panel based on relative time.

In the above example i have given relative time as 9M but in the panel i see there is a gap in the beginning of graph.But Is there an option where the panel zooms based on relative time? More like range selector. I want to query only one panel with more resolution. More like this or any plugin that supports this feature in grafana


you can use the “Now” attribute.

For your panel query you can use for example:

candidate.create_date:["now-30d" TO "now"]

Maybe it is important, that your date field has format ‘YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss’. Here the T is important.

You can also use “now” the time picker:

Hope this is helpful for you.

Hi @jlau Thanks for the response. But changing the custom range in time picker will change the time for all panels. To query just one panel you said to use candidate.create_date:["now-30d" TO "now"] which i tried and its not zooming based on the time range

Hi @swathimuppalla,

in my case it is working for panel query. I am using Version 6 of Grafana.
Two points I think of:

  • Of course you have to use your own date field of you index. That one you used in Configuration->Data Source.
  • Have you checked you date format. You can see if you choose as Metric Raw Document. I think it should be YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.

If it is still not working, I have no other idea.
That’s what my query looks like: