Tempo Search Autocomplete Nonsense Values

I am succesfully searching for traces on Tempo using Grafana. All my trace resources have at least these three labels service, environment, instance. In the dropdowns for these labels all the correct values show up until I restrict by one, then all the remaining resource values change to seemingly random numbers instead (but still the correct number of options).

This can’t be to do with load as this is happening in my test environment with only one resource and my production environment (with many).

There are no error logs in my test environment whatsoever, so it isn’t logging anything to do with this issue.

instance dropdown working correctly with no other restrictions:

instance dropdown now showing a random number since restricting by environment=TEST:

Try to filter with that “random” numbers and check filtered traces. Maybe you have those traces.

Sorry, I should have pointed out that when I filter by that suggested number, nothing returns. If I create the TraceQL query by hand with the label values I expect but aren’t given as options I do get spans returned.

The same number is also suggested for the other resource dropdowns. The number changes if I change the service I filter by, for example.

Try to update to latest Grafana and Tempo versions and if it there as well, then report it as a bug in GitHub.
Search is quite recent feature and there can be some bugs. I was also reporting some issues there in the past.

I am on latest for both, so will report a bug :+1:

Submitted an issue here: Search Autocomplete Produces Random Numbers · Issue #3297 · grafana/tempo · GitHub

So what was a problem? grafana/tempo:latest was not really a latest version?