Tempo error occurred in plugin

I am using Grafana 9.5.2 with tempo 2.0.1 in docker. When I click on Explore select Temp and then type in a trace id to search and click run query I get an error. How can get to the root of what is causing this ? I have tried tempo 2.1.1 image with the same results.

I am not even sure if this is a grafana problem or a tempo issue:

can you open datasource config and click test button on datasource config page to see if datasouce is configured correctly?

Datasource was configured correctly. I did not realize that tempo was not starting up as some of the config names have changed. Once tempo came up, the issue was resolved.

I’ve also had this issue and together with the grafana server logs I found out that

  • The “test data source” button and querying the data source works even if the protocol was not specified
  • But when querying for a trace by id I had to set the protocol (e.g. to http or https) in the tempo url datasource configuration otherwise I was getting this error

Maybe there is a small room for improvement here :slight_smile:

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Hello. Can you elaborate more on why tempo was not starting correctly? What kind of config names?