Table Row Color

Hi All,

I am unable to color my rows on the basis of value coming in a single column. Is there a way to do that ?

I am using the V7.3.1

Appreciate your help!!!


Hi @shubham2712,

The documentation on the table panel will help you color rows the way you’d like.

You should also check out this nice table on the sandbox site.

Here’s a screenshot of that panel. I think it’s close to what you want to achieve.

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Although you can use thresholds to colour cells, I think the OP wanted a method to colour an entire row based on a specified field.

I don’t think the table panel supports coloured rows.

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yup correct !!!

I want the whole row colored rather than cell based :frowning:

@codlord is correct, @shubham2712. This feature was supported in older versions of Grafana but is currently not available. There is a workaround to use the old table panel, but I think this might be on the roadmap for Grafana 8. I’ll ask the team and get the details. In the meantime, here is the workaround:

Open your panel JSON.

Find the line reading: "type": "table",
Change the line to: "type": "table-old",

This will load the old Angular table visualization.

Now edit your query and scroll down to Panel ==> Options ==> Thresholds ==> Color Mode. Select Row. Now you can colorize an entire row!

More soon on whether or not this feature is returning.

@shubham2712 ,
I spoke with the frontend team and I don’t think this feature will get implemented for the Grafana V8 release, but it is now on our backlog :+1:

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Hi @mattabrams can we create a pivot table using Grafana ?

I am unable to do that!!! Can you please help?

Hi @shubham2712,

you might be able to achieve what you want, but it probably depends on the details of your situation. For instance: what is your datasource and what are you trying to achieve?

I would read these two related topics and see if they help you transform your data how you’d like: