How color row in Table


How color row in table by value from field ?

Hello and welcome to the forums. what do you mean?

If i have on last column value 1, row is green, if value 0 then row red.

You should be able to do that putting those parameters on Thresholds fields.

I know, but only the colors in the column cell.

Look at my screen, Grafana only colors one cell and I need the colors in the rows.


If column days is above 50 then color red, if above 30 then color yellow.

It’s not currently possible. There’s an open issue: Colorize Rows in Table Panel · Issue #27542 · grafana/grafana · GitHub. Somewhat confusingly, it was possible in an older version of Grafana, but it was removed when there was a data model change that was not compatible.

Are you working on solving the problem with colorize rows in table panel?

It’s not currently possible, but as @svetb said, it was in older version of the table panel. For now, here is a workaround.

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