Table Panel & Links in columns feat. variables lead to problems

Hi guys,

on my dashboard I have a table with a simpel list of entries, in this case various IPs from my fail2ban log.
In “Column Styles” tab I want to make the IP clickable to change the (Dashboard) variable “IP”.

As you can see, the IP is included in the link to the dashboard via var-IP=$__cell which works perfectly when “Open in new tab” is enabled - this forces a new tab with the IP I clicked in the table. All other panels on that dashboard, which have a filter on “IP” variable, use the given IP properly.

Now, when I uncheck “Open in new tab”, the URI string in the address bar is changing when clickin on an IP in the table panel, but

  • the site doesn’t reload
  • the other dashboards don’t use the new IP
  • The (variable) dropdown box doesn’t change to the given IP

So, when not “Open in new tab”, a site reload on click should be enforced - maybe as additional feature?


There’s an open feature request for that. If you find this interesting you can upvote it by giving a thumbs up reaction on the issue description.