Data Links in Table Panels Don;t Work

I have a Table panel to which I’ve added data links, just as I do in other type panels. But when I click the link in the table cell, instead of going to the URL specified for the link, the table panel itself is re-loaded. If I right-click on the data link and copy its contents, it’s correct. If I paste that text directly in another (or the same) browser tab, it works properly. But when I click the data link itself, although the URL bar of the browser changes to show the URL I’m trying to navigate to, the browser just reloads the table panel that contained the data link. The page is actually reloading, so it’s not just that clicking the link has no response.

Strangely, this problem does not occur when I view the table panel in its dashboard. The problem only occurs when I’m viewing the table panel directly, by itself and not in its dashboard. But links in other types of panels don’t behave this way.

I’m using Grafana v7.4.1

EDIT: I can work around the problem by putting the panel that the URL links to in a separate dashboard.

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Hi @mleone607
I tried replicating this error on the latest Grafana version but couldn’t; everything seems to be working fine.
Have you tried using the latest Grafana version? if not, please do.

If the error persists using the latest version, then feel free to open an issue on the Grafana GitHub repository. But overall, I’m glad you were able to find a quick workaround for yourself; good for you!
Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I’m developing on an isolated network and I don’t have control over the version of Grafana available. If/when the current version of Grafana becomes available, I’ll see if that fixes this problem.

In the meantime, it’s not a problem to split the panels between two dashboards. Since users don’t navigate to either panel directly but only via a link, the fact that the panels are on different dashboards is inconsequential and mostly transparent.

@mleone607 Yeah…I get your point.