How to show Data Link Panel in the same Dashboard

I need to show a Panel in the same dashboard instead of new tab/window. I tried Panel link, it did not work.

Please help me accomplish this. Thanks!

So terminology wise

Thanks! I have the same, but it opens in a new tab. Not sure about the reason.

do you have the Open in New Tab checked?

upload a snapshot

:scream: Strange. What version of grafana and what happens when you use a different browser?

Used Chrome and Edge. It’s the same behavior.

Let me try that version.
Are you using Data Link or Panel Link?

Data Link. Panel Link does not work for some unknown reasons.

odd thing is things work for me and it does not open a new tab.
Close out grafana, restart grafana and check again

Sorry! It did not work. Did you try Data or Panel Link?

Both data and panel links. They both work for me

Unfortunately, none of these two works for me. Link Panel does not even open in a new tab. Data Link does. Not sure what am I doing wrong…

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My Dashboard got 2 panels. One is Pie-Chart and the other one is Table. Will that cause issues?

i dont think it should but let me test on my side

seems to work just fine with that setup

I have successfully used data links, there are a few issues with lingering variables with old values. There is a link on that helped through this endeavor

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