How to get to a clickable table with website names that updates the apache access data in other panels

Hi All,

My use case is common, however, building it in Grafana not so much as it seems. I couldn’t find a lot of useful examples out there.

I’m running webservers with dozens of websites on it. I’m pulling in all access logs into a TIG server. What I’m aiming for is a table with website FQDN’s as links, and when I click one, the other graphs/panels in the dashboard show the configured data for that website.

The table with all the website names is already there. Also, though manually configured, several other graphs are in place. However, getting those ‘other graphs’ to update via clicking a link in the table is the issue I’m facing.

Does Grafana support this ‘inline’. Do I need to always open in a new browser tab with CGI parms (e.g. the vhost) in the URL?

Any tips or links very welcome. If you’re trying to solve this as well, let me know, then I’ll post how I (eventually) fixed it.