Grafana - interactive linking between tables, map-location


I have made a Dashboard in grafana. I am using mariaDB as database. Created pseudo random data to test. worldmap plugin is used as map.

DB structure: There are Three sites, each sites has Two batteries, and each Battery is consists of 8 cells.

Monitoring parameters are, (1) Temp, (2) Voltage and (3) Resistance.

What I would like to do is to click the mark on the map and open the corresponding table. Also, by selecting a cell of a table to open another panel (table with corresponding information). I mean, a little interactive type.

For example there are 3 circles in the map - two green and one red indicating three sites. Is it possible to click any of the ‘site’ and that will open a new panel with information about that site?

Also, to click any cell of the table to open a new panel (table)?

Here, I have used ‘variables’ to make pull-down menus to select, ‘Site’, then ‘Battery ID’ and ‘Cell ID’ to get the corresponding graphs (below three panels). Have read that I can make link to a column of a table to open a new tab. Is there any way to open a new panel in the same dashboard?

I have just started using grafana very recently. So do not know much tricks.

If you need further clarification please tell me. I will try to explain.

Any tips or link that has explanation/discussion on this topic would be very helpful.