Table Panel - How to colour entire row based on field value?

I’m trying to build a “user activity” panel showing username, their last activity and the time of that last activity. I’d like to use thresholds to colour the rows based on how recent the last activity was - green row for activity within the last 4 hours, amber row for activity within the last 4-24 hours and red for any activity older than that.
I can’t get my head around how to set up the thresholds and how to have the table panel colour the whole row based on threshold on the time column.

This is far as I’ve got - the thresholds aren’t working and only the time column is changing colour the rest of the columns always show green.

It must be a simple solution but I just can’t see how to do achieve it. Can anybody assist?

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Anyone able to help with this? It must be something fairly obvious I’m doing wrong but can’t figure it out.

Couldn’t get it to work neither… Really a shame that one can only color individual cells.

There is a plugin that seems to support row coloring: Datatable Panel plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs
Didn’t test it yet, but looks very promising.

Thanks I’ll give that a try.


did you try use that plugin?
I’ve download to use, but I notice that is working until for version 6, and neither for the version 6 worked to me, did you find some solution to that?

I was trying to use “value mapping” but keeps on the same problema, I am not able to put different colors for each cell