Table Panel along with Google Cloud Monitoring is failing to show data


So this issue is around use of “Table” Panel along with “Google Cloud Monitoring” Datasource.

We’ve noticed that Table is unable to populate data if there’s only 1 record in the Metric. However, TimeSeries show us the event captured.

Table unable to populate Metric:

As soon as all the transformation is disabled - and chart is changed to Time Series we see a spike of data

When i debug into the individual Transformation “working” vs “non working”

In Working state: Input get’s transformed into “Metric”

Non Working state: It seems transformation is not getting applied on Input, As it does not convert to Metric - Output of Transformation is same as Input of Transformation

Can anyone suggest how we can fix this?

Hi @Rohan,

Thanks for opening this post.

I think that you might caught a bug but need to check it with my team.

Can you please provide the step-by-step instructions so that the community can also try to reproduce it on a test machine?


Hi @usman.ahmad,

Apologies for late response.

Step by Step Instructions will be as follows:

  1. Create a Log Based Metric in Google Cloud
  2. Generate 1 Log
  3. Create a Table in Grafana Datasource being Google Coud Monitoring and Metric will be that specific Log Based Metric.
  4. Apply Transformation - As soon as Series to Row is applied it simply does not detect any data.
  5. Confirming if Log is there? Change Transformation back to Time Series - you will see a Log being populated from Log Based Metric.

Hi @Rohan

I do not have used this plugin. However, on website, this plugin is available so you can reproduce it by creating a new dashboard.

One limitation is that you cannot save the dashboard. So I will propose that you try to reproduce it and share like screencast of it and paste it here.

This way I will duplicate it and will try to find more information if it a know issue or etc.