Data Showing up in Logs format when connecting Data Source as Google Cloud - for Table Format Display

Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to Grafana and have noticed there’s some issues in terms of Data Display when we choose Google Cloud as Data source along with its Metrics in Table format. The Data displayed is in Log format instead of Displaying it’s Labels which actually contact the data after Regex.

Let me know if this makes sense or if someone has experienced the same - would appreciate some assistance.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rohan,

Do you mind providing some screenshots of what you’re seeing in Grafana Cloud and how you’re tagging the data in Google Cloud?

Hi Aaron,
Thank you on your prompt response!

Sure, If you look at the image below - It populates Metric name instead of showing Labels as column of that metric and the values beneath the metric is some garbage data which not sure where is coming from

Here’s the documentation for the Google Cloud Monitoring Datasource. Do the preconfigured dashboards work in this instance?

@aaronshifflett , Thank you very much! It’s working now!

I’d like to ask a follow up question on Table - when we merge two queries, It seems queries by Default work as Inner join and It seems to be difficult to remove blank cells when two queries are merged into one panel, any suggestions?

P.S. Yellow marked is hidden data - kept it for confidentiality purposes

Thanks in Advance!

Hi Rohan,

Here is our documentation on transformations. There is an outer join section in that documentation along with other things I think you might find useful crafting your queries.

Thanks @aaronshifflett - However, Outer Join doesn’t seem to be working as expected - It’s basically making no change at all to the display - quite possible it needs to be applied in specific order?

Hi Rohan, as far as I know, it shouldn’t. Do you mind opening a support ticket about this?

Thanks @aaronshifflett - would you happen to have a direct link to creation of Support ticket?

I’m not sure if there is a direct link that I can share, but if you login to your Grafana Cloud Portal there’s a header on the left hand side that says “Support”. You can view your previous tickets and log new ones.

Thank you very much @aaronshifflett

I’ve created a ticket on this, hopefully will get a response soon.