Grafana Dashboard is missing fields when compared with Stackdriver

Hello Everyone,

Not sure if anyone has experienced this issue before but what i am noticing is Grafana missing data when compared with Log Based Metrics created with Google Cloud Monitoring.

What I am trying to do is: Create a Log Based metric in Google Cloud Monitoring, use Google Cloud Monitoring Plugin in Grafana and Display data from the metric.

When compared it seems Google Cloud Monitoring has 2000+ Data while Grafana shows only 1000, has anyone experienced this before? if so then is there a solution to this problem?


I would not be surprised if the plugin was capping the request to avoid getting rate-limited. this looks interesting:

Thanks @mattabrams ,

I’ve raised an Issue on Github too around the same - because it does seem weird that Grafana is not showing complete data.

Would request if you could share your thoughts on it - might help with investigation or if you feel anything needs to be changed on my end then would appreciate your suggestion.

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