Alternatives to use CSV datasources on Grafana Cloud

Hi, is there a way to use CSV plugin on Grafana Cloud without having to have my own server?
At first I was intended to do it via a NGINX webserver, but due to company rules I can´t have an open port.

Then tried doing it by uploading the CSV on Google Drive and Grafana and appears it could be succesfull but when trying to explore the data I get this:

Tried the same CSV on local mode on the localport:3000 and works correctly. But I really need to share a Dashboard with other people.

Is there another host server I could use for this?

Did you try TestData datasource type and CSV content there?

You cant have data with missing delimeter


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Yes, tried both on local mode and have no issue. But on Grafana Cloud the CSV doens´t work with the Drive link, dont know if Drive is the reason the error appears

Which error ? Is there a new error
The previous error is due to junk data

I checked the line that gives the error and everything is alright, even so I tried loading a file with only 24 rows and it still gets the error on line 28

so the file still has junk empty rows

Created a new file with only the needed rows and only string data but still Grafana gives me the same error.

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Works on my pc :laughing:

You only copied the link as it is?? At least I know now that it works haha might be something on my plugin or something.

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what link did you use when you setup the data source? try it with infinity plugin just for test purposes.

Check this out as you can see I had to convert it to google sheet which is different than a csv file in google sheet

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Hi, just for update. Used your dashboard as example to replicate the data source, firstly on Infinity and then on the CSV plugin. It worked after several attempts haha. Thanks a lot for your support!

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