Support on Stackdriver log based Metrics

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to implement custom log based metrics in GCP.
I managed to get the correct thing in google cloud monitoring but I don’t find the correct option in Grafana.

My metrics in query editor:
fetch k8s_container
| metric ‘
| align rate(1m)
| every 1m
| group_by [metadata.system.state: metadata.system_labels.state],
[value_Request_Ambassador_aggregate: aggregate(value.Request_Ambassador)]

In grafana I tried this:

I don’t find documenation anywhere the only thing i found was this issue:stackdriver user-metrics duplicated response when multiple resource types · Issue #13691 · grafana/grafana · GitHub
In a screen capture he is presenting a service “All services” but I don’t have such things on my grafana.
I’m runiing grafana 6.5.3 but I also tried on another instance with 7.2.0 version.

Does someone have an idea ?

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