Grafana 9.3.6 Update - Problem with transformations

After the update to the 9.3.6 version, there is a problem with the takeover of the transformations.

When I use the – Dashboard – as datasource. I can not apply the transformations from the source panel. Are there any issues known?


Hi @joachimschiewek,

Thanks for opening this post.

Can you please try to reproduce this same issue on and then share the dashboard link so that we can view it?



sorry I have only viewer permissions.

But I have specified the problem on my side.
The Problem is in the source transformation.

When I extract a number out of an loki log its in string format. thats normal.
When I convert it with the “convert field type” transformation to a number, than it crashed.

And thats since the update.


Hi @joachimschiewek,

In that case, can you please share a screenshot or a small screencast/gif file so that we can see how you are able to reproduce it?


GIF 31.01.2023 08-11-18_working

first there is the working one. I collect all the data I need out of the log in one step.
And the graphs afterwards I use the --dashboard-- data source + transformations.
So I have only one loki query.

And here is the same loki query unter 9.3.6
GIF 31.01.2023 08-25-12_corrupt

when I convert the fields to number - it always crashes.

I will test it with an other log file.


I have got new insights.

think the problem depends on the “convert field type”

here is an example
GIF 31.01.2023 10-02-15_corrupt2
when a column is not filled complete, the convert has a problem.


Hi @joachimschiewek

Sorry was away for a week. I will look into it and get back to you with details.

I was not able to reproduce it on my test machine after creating a test Loki Panel and using a table where also one column field was half empty but seems to be working fine.

Can you please do the following:

1- Reproduce this issue again and this time open the browser console tool in for e.g. Chrome browser and see the Network and Console tab for any error message once you do the toggle to reproduce it.

2- Also, were there any previous Overwrite (not transformations) were applied to this Table panel?

Hi, sorry I was also not present…

when I switch, in the “convert field type” transformation to numeric.
the following errormessage is showen in the console:


   Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'replace')
at convertFieldType.ts:152:37
at c (convertFieldType.ts:98:14)
at convertFieldType.ts:75:18
at (<anonymous>)
at convertFieldType.ts:73:35
at convertFieldType.ts:46:24
at convertFieldType.ts:40:64
at map.js:7:37
at s._next (OperatorSubscriber.js:15:21)
at (Subscriber.js:34:18)

alternatively i can convert the type not to numeric but json. json has the numeric type too. And there is no error message

but first I will upgrade to grafana version 9.4.1 and see what happend.

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Exactly the same problem under 9.4.1.
In my case the solution is not tu use the numeric type and switch to the json type.

btw. there are no previous overwrites in this panel.

Hey @joachimschiewek

Thanks for testing it out.

I think for this specific case, its better to ask at our GitHub repo (as to me it seems like a bug but not 100% sure).

We would appreciate it if you can open a bug report about this in our official GitHub repository using this link.

Provide all the information (you can simply copy/paste your data + screenshot from here to there).

Also, we have a new tool to get dashboard debug data.

Use it to send the data of the Dashboard

Lastly, paste the link to your GitHub issue here so that all other community users can also track it (I will add more details there as well once you paste the link).

ok I have opend an issue: