Grafana Table Help

Alright, I am fairly new to Grafana and its Dashboards and I just cannot get the Table panel to look as expected.

I have a Loki datasource with application logs, in each line I have a ‘level’ label, which can either be INFO, WARN or ERROR. All I am trying to do in this table is count over a period of time how many of each I have.

However as you can see in the image my panel has the level as a header, but I am getting an entry for each unique timestamp, whereas what I was looking for was having three rows, where the columns are level and the count:
INFO. 240
Something along these lines. What am I missing in my query and/or panel configuration? Thanks for the help.

Hi @hugoalmeida1,

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Well, you can use the Transformation function in Grafana to get the data as per your needs.

Please check the documentation regarding it i.e.

I hope this helps.