Table pabel 7.5 (two bad things)

Previous version of table panel was able to do the following:

  1. Put html text to the field like ‘<a href="http://myurl:1111/blabla">CustomText</a>’, so I see CustomText in the field, which is clickable.
    In Panel plugin version 7.5 I can put only full URL, which can be too long to use it in row.

  2. If I have a large table with scrolling, I was able to use Ctrl+F in browser to search some value.
    In Panel plugin version 7.5 Ctrl+F can search only thru the text which is visible on screen, so I must manually scroll the table until the text I search will appears in window.

Is it a bug, is it possible to implement these features again in 7.5 or 8.x ?

Hi @sergiikulyk1

  1. This is still possible, but we would need more details to get you exactly what you want. Using a combination of value mapping and data links variables

  2. Have you tried using the Table Column Filter feature?

The new table panel that came with v7 seems to be more of a “start from scratch” re-write rather than an improvement over the old one. Personally I found it to be a downgrade (lots of features of the old panel missing). I know the team have fixed some of the bugs but until the new table panel can do what the old one did I will continue to use the old table panel.

If you want to continue to use the old table panel see my post here.

  1. Ok, I have a column with cluster name, and I want to replace it with url. In old table I can do this just with text replacing like “mycluster1” = ‘mycluster1
    So the column will looks in the same way (just mycluster1), but now it will be clickable.
    In new table I can’t use html tags, so If I want to do clickable value, I must enter FQDN, which is ruining the table because of FQDN is too long. Data links variables can’t help with that

  2. I have a table with 50-100 values. But I want to have a table with height of just 10-15 rows. If I want to find a value which is outside of visible columns, in old table I can just use Ctrl+F in browser, and type part of the value - it will autoscroll table to the found value. In new table - if required value is outside of visible rows, I can’t find it. I must scroll the table until the value will appears in visible part of table. It is really bad user experience.

@mattabrams Can you please reply if the feature I have described above can be configured in table panel 7.5 ?

Hi @sfkulyk, sorry for the delay on my side

  1. I don’t believe this exact behavior is yet possible in the new React panel.

  2. Also don’t think this behavior is possible in the new panel. You can search for values using the filter funnel, or reconfigure you data in some way to leverage template variables. But neither of those are what you are asking:

Here’s another issue and discussion about improving the search capabilities of the new table panel:

This is valuable feedback. I would hop on that thread and/or start a discussion to add the specific features that you’re missing.

Let me know how else I can help :+1:

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