Table Panel: Auto Height & Column Names

  • Grafana v5.2.4 (0bbac5c)

Greetings everyone! I’m trying to list all my hosts within a table, and color it red/green if down. The only query I’m using is up, which returns all 20+ of my hosts. If I unclick “Scroll” under “Paging”, I still have to manually resize the table by dragging it to show them all. However, the documentation says “The scroll bar checkbox toggles the ability to scroll within the panel, when unchecked, the panel height will grow to display all rows”. Am I doing it wrong?

Next, is there a way to rename the columns? Right now, there is “Time, name, job, Value #A, and Value #B”.

And finally, where is this value/range option? Cannot find it anywhere:

The docs are wrong , dynamic panel heights are no longer supported since Grafana v5+

@torkel how can one have a table that shows all rows automatically now, just like a regular html table? One example: dashboard on TV shows a table (or tables), and the page is auto-scrolling. As it is know, it always forces interaction to scroll the panel / switch page, or alternatively have a tall table with a lot of potential empty space.


@torkel Maybe you can help me understand how it happens that more than an year later, the docs a totally out of sync. I see clearly documented a scroll feature that does not exist in latest grafana.

I have a huge page where performing a scroll requires olympic skills: maybe someone knows a way to address this issue.

From the UX point of view I would have expected for Grafana not to break browser scrolling and perform panel-scrolling only when a modifier key would be pressed.

Also raised as a bug