How to autoscroll a table in the dashboard


I would like to set up an autoscroll on a dashboard table.
This is because the dashboard will be on a monitor.
Could you tell me if there is a feature that could help me?
I haven’t found anything about it yet.

Thanks in advance

Hi @jse ,

Well, we do not have such functionality which can do auto scroll of a Dashboard.

Also, to my understanding, you want to use the Tabel Panel and do auto-scroll.

One alternative way is to enable this feature by using (an extension) or JavaScript code within the browser.

2nd option would be to use Pagination in the table panel (which is not auto-scroll but can navigate the user correctly).

I hope this helps.

@jse, It’s an interesting question. I would try scrolling through the Dynamic Text panel with the additional JavaScript code functionality we implemented recently.