Auto refresh dashboard could maintain same page into "table panel" pagination?

Hi all,
I’m on Grafana 9.1.7 and I would like to know if there is a trick for maintain the same page when my panel is fired by an auto refresh.

Example. My table panel has 5 page… I’m stop reading on the 3th… now start auto refresh (1m) and all panels are reload… but I’m not more on the 3th 'cause return to the 1st.

Thanks Alen.

I don’t think this is supported. I guess your only option is to disable pagination and just scroll through the table. Auto refresh does not seem to affect the current scroll position in a table.

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It would be nice to have the Pagination either as Manual, user defined Page or Auto, so the pages scroll through with every Refresh.

I confirm that always in auto refresh mode (or when the table has a refresh) the panel is reset to #1 page of paging… from exmple the 4# where I stopped.