Add a search bar to the table panel

Hello, is there a way to add a search bar to the table panel? I am using template variables to filter but would make more sense to have a search bar on the table itself and filter the table that way.

Hi Roni,

I saw that nobody answered your question yet, I’m having the same necessity, did you find a better way to place a search bar into tables?

Best regards!

Hi Arel, no havent found a good solution for this yet. You can try the dataplanet table plugin, but I found it to be a little buggy and havent really used it that much.

Ups, same problem here!

I have tried with DataTable Panel but the problem is that I’m using the Panel to unify the result of a query to 4 different Mysql databases and the DataTable Panel does not support more than one query :frowning:

Have you found a workaround so far?

Still didn’t see this feature on 2022 :smiling_face_with_tear: