Table/ Override Property/ Value Mappings: How to Replace String with an empty Value


at first Im sorry for taking the wrong category for this topic but creating a new topic in the ´"Table Panel Category" doesnt work for me ( the add button has no function). Perhaps someone can move this topic to the right place.

I´m testing the actual Grafana Version (8.0.4) in oder to evaluate the advantages in realtion to our running Version

By testing the new “Table” Panel (Import JSON of an working dashboard and transformed it with the given function) we have trouble to replace a string value with an empty value.
In the old version you set a “Value Mappings” > “Value to text” and set the “Value” field and “Text” field stayed empty. So it was possible replace “5” to “”

in the new version this setting leads to having no replace, means in case of an emtpy “Optional display text” the original value is taken and shown in the tabel. Is there any possibility to achieve this goal by using an special Value/ Variable?

Correcting the value in the SQL-query is no opportunity because the value is need for color-formating cells.

General wanted behaviour:
Value Replace Colour
0 P blue
1 P blue
2 P blue
3 P blue
4 P blue
5 ‘’ red

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Hi @crazybiker Do you think you can share a screenshot of your finished graph as it appears in your current grafana version? What look are you trying to achieve? Yes, I see what you mean, you cannot map a value to an empty string, but my question is: why is this necessary for color formatting your cells?

Hi Matt,

I am facing similar issue and yeah I want to do for color formatting without any text.

Any updates which you can share how to achieve this?

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