Grafana 9.3.8 upgrade to 9.4.x issue with empty fields in a tablet

I have this table in Grafana that I’ve been using for a couple of years now. The data is pulled by Telegraf into InfluxDB (1.8) and shown in Grafana like below. We are using v9.3.8 (Docker). If we upgrade to 9.4.x then the lines in the table that have empty cells are now completely removed. For example in the total of 4 lines below highlighted will no longer be present as they have no value under ‘Maint Voltage’. Grafana 9.4.x only wants to show lines in a table that have values it seems, if one value is missing the entire line is removed from the table.

Any ideas what could be doing this or is it a bug or new expected feature?

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Hi @g0nz0uk,

Thanks for opening this post.

What you can do is use the Value Mapping, I have created this .GIF in which I have a column with empty fields and what I did is use the Special match inside value mapping and replace them with 0 (you can use 0 or false or anything to represent those empty fields)


Let us know if this helps.

That didn’t seem to work either. I did try a graph for that value and 1 device that goes wrong when we upgrade to 9.4.x and it comes back with no data. Could it be how 9.4.x sees the data for this value in InfluxDB?

I’ve I removed that field column that all come in, so it just doesn’t like the fact the cell is has not value at all, (not a 0 as the DB has no entry).

Lets do one more try.

I see that you have a Transformation applied to your query (not sure what does it do).

Disable it and create a new one (the same which is disabled) and maybe it works. Because sometimes the issue could be after the update that it might not detect it as it should have.

If that still does not work, then let us know.

I get the same issue. If I roll back to any version before 9.4 it works.

Adding the GitHub issue link to keep the thread up to date for all users who might have the same issue

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I’ve done that thanks, any progress at all in finding the solution or course?

We do not have any ETA for OSS-reported issues.

What I can confirm is that the Engineering team do have this on their radar and will start investigating it.

Please subscribe to that GitHub issue to get up-to-date notifications.

Thanks we will do that. Will stay on on 9.3.8 for now as we have a few running.