Data properly displayed on graph, but value is missing when hovering over points


I am reading data from a field called ResultCode in Influxdb to graph into Grafana. The values are either null or 200. From the graph below, you can see that Grafana is properly displaying points with values of 200 or 0 (I use the function “Null value - null as zero”).

The field in Influxdb is a new field in which I insert either 200 or nothing. In Infludb, it is then displayed as 200.00, and since it is graphed in Grafana, I assume that it sees that it is a number.

However, when I hover over the points that are 200, Grafana displays a value of NULL in the pop-up . When I hover of the points that are 0, Grafana is displaying the actual value of 0, as expected. As a result, my alerts are not working, because somehow, even though it displays the 200 points as 200, it thinks that their values are null. I included two images below for illustration.

Has anyone encountered this behavior before. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Results are not as expected:

Results are as expected: