Problem with corret information displayed in hover tooltip

Hi, I have found strange behavior of graph panel.
In my situation i have one measure grouped by time and one tag. In source data there are 4 values for this tag. More over not for all point of time I have data for all valus of tag. As a results on tooltip grafana show missliding iformation, ie let say that on point 1 i have data for t1, t2, for point 2 for t1, and t2, for point 3 for t1, t2 and t3. When I open tooltip for point 1 or 2 it also show value for t3 from point 3. It is meesleeding and shoudl be corrected.


A bit hard to understand what you exactly mean and the attached screenshot are very small so it’s hard to see.

Have a look at Using Grafana's Query Inspector to troubleshoot issues. Please include the request/response from query inspector here and possibly a higher resolution screenshot.

That should make it easier to understand your problem and help you.



I have a very similar problem. I use InfluxDB for a data saving and querying to it. I want to decrease a load to my influx by using: fill(none) instead of fill(null). And as a result on a hover tooltip, I have not expected results, they are taken the points closest to my hover point. What I want is 1) have lighter requests to my influx and 2) have only relative results to hover point on the graph