Some measurements does now show in Hover tooltip

Hi guys, my first post here on Grafana forum :slight_smile:
Started experimenting with node-red, influxdb, and grafana as a way of building a “beehive science station”.
Basically there is one sensor connected to a Raspberry pi3 GPOI4:
DHT22 with humidity% and temperature in C.

Also, connected with USB to Rpi I have a Sparkfun OpenScale board, that has these sensors reporting to Rpi through serial-usb:
Load cell, in Kg
DS18B20 external temperature sensor in C.
OpenScale onboard temperature sensor in C.

My problem is with the hover tooltip not showing the numbers for the DHT22 measurements. See screenshot

I made a panel with all my measurements on, just for illustration.
This screenshot shows how I set up the querries(suspect this is where I am in error):

The strange thing is though that the panel shows the data in the graph, but now number in the hover tooltip.

I dont think its a format problem coming from the measuments in the influxDB, this is a print of the measurements:

select * from “dht22-hum” limit 2
name: dht22-hum
time value

1553516116481219777 29.60
1553516117977920590 29.80

select * from “dht22-temp” limit 2
name: dht22-temp
time value

1560704922778752146 23.70
1560704922779707146 23.70

select * from “temp-ds18B20” limit 2
name: temp-ds18B20
time value

1553516119024391967 22.56
1553516120049616023 22.56

select * from kg limit 2
name: kg
time value

1560704828835208685 -0.78
1560704828835692070 -0.77

select * from “temp-onboardOS” limit 2
name: temp-onboardOS
time value

1553516119024493582 23.56
1553516120049616231 23.56

could be due to null values, check query inspector

Thank you for your reply Torkel.
I actually just figured it out.
The problem was in node-red - where I had neglected to convert the 2 problem measurements from string to float.

Purged the database, and boom, it worked :slight_smile:

Strange though that Grafana could show the graph, but not the number itself.

I have a similar problem.

I have a value I convert from the voltage reading to a %, the voltage are shown in the graft on the tool tip but not the %.

In my gauge the value is show, both the voltage and the %.

In my InfluxDB I can see the values


The Conversion from the voltage to the %

var maxOutRange = 100;
var minOutRange = 0;

var minInRange1 = 2.30;
var maxInRange1 = 1.1;

x1 = (A1 - minInRange1) / (maxInRange1 - minInRange1);
moistA1 = minOutRange + (maxOutRange - minOutRange) * x1;
moistA1 = moistA1.toFixed(2);
var msg1 = {
“payload”: {
“dev_id” : dev_id,
“A1” : A1
} };

var msg3 = {
“payload”: {
“dev_id” : dev_id,
“moistA1” : moistA1
} };

So I am not sure how it see it as a string or something ells…