Grafana does not show the values on the diagram

Hello new to the grafana world and super impressed!

I try to follow this tutorial but on my VPS (influx, grafana) and a RPi/esp32 (local)

I have esp32[humidity,temperature]—> MQTT —> Raspberry Broker —> Raspberry NodeRed —> THE INTERNET —> VPS InfluxDB —> VPS Grafana

My database has just two measurements

> show measurements
name: measurements

The humidity format:

> select * from humidity limit 10
name: humidity
time                value
----                -----
1611612999195034492 43.00

The temperature format:

> select * from temperature limit 10
name: temperature
time                value
----                -----
1611612999183790945 26.00

This is what I sent to the DB from nodered.

1/26/2021, 12:59:08 AM[node: cc79021b.9a751](http://mosquitto:1880/#)esp32/temperature : msg.payload : string[5]


1/26/2021, 12:59:08 AM[node: 22efa7b7.544a28](http://mosquitto:1880/#)esp32/humidity : msg.payload : string[5]


InfluxDB connected no errors.
When I try to add a panel and select humidity or temperature I get an error

If I delete the

time ($__interval)
fill (null)

which is the default I get the graph on the panel but the cursor do not show the values

I think I do the same as the guy in the video but I do not get the same results.
I was playing with a MySQL and had the same problem of not showing the values under cursor and I had to cast string to float.
In the video he pushes string to db though.

Any help is appreciated, thank you

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