Data that should graph as 0 is being graphed as Null

Hello everyone,

I have some ISP data being sent from Home Assistant into InfluxDB which is then getting graphed into Grafana that should be getting graphed as 0, but its instead not graphing anything at all.

For example, this graph is showing any packet loss between Centrylink and Xfinity. Centrylink has alot more packet loss, thus theres more graphing going on, but since Xfinity usually sits at 0, its not graphing 0 at those points, its just not graphing anything at all. The same is happening for Centrylink, its just less noticable since there’s alot of other points graphed.

Is there a way to have Null graph as 0?

Did you try a value mapping like this?

there is fill function in influxdb 1.8 and 2.0+ :
here is the flux example :