Highlight missing data on graphs

Hi, I’ve a data source that can often return no data for a certain data point, and I’m looking for a way to visually highlight if and data point in that row is null. I am imagining something like making the background of that data point red etc.

Initially I’d guess there’s a way to say, in my Flux query, “if any other columns are null then set this value to 100” and then use an override(?) to draw that meta column differently to the others, but also hoping there’s a native way to do that within Grafana, and to not need to try and work out how / if it’s possible to get the source data to be modified.

Oh also, the column names here are not predefined, nor the quantity. They are hostnames for various groups of machines, so everything needs to be calculated implicitly without knowing what source data names I actually have.

Hi @RocketSurgeon and I hope you are a rocket surgeon, because this question is tough.

My gut feeling tells me there is not a native way to do this in Grafana. The best I can think of is to write a Flux query that simply puts these values into a table that displays in Grafana. Sort of a “Warning List” table or whatever you want to call it.

As for the Flux query, am sure a wizard like @ldrascic or @fercasjr or some of the moderators on the InfluxDB forum can help you craft that.

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OK thanks, more of a Nice To Have really.

As a follow up, I’ve ended up creating additional State Timeline panels that are dedicated to showing the frequency of recieved data, and color coding the levels accordingly. Works nicely, possibly a much cleaner way of knowing there’s data missing across multiple measurements than adding it to existing graphs.

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