Table-old with filtering


We have a table with a lot of rows, so many that Grafana can’t handle it. The solution is using table-old instead of table. Now I have paging and its really fast.

But now I have the next problem, my filtering is gone…

How can I use filtering AND paging?

My table json is:

          "format": "table",
          "group": [],
          "metricColumn": "none",
          "rawQuery": true,
          "rawSql": "",
          "refId": "A",
          "select": [
                "params": [
                "type": "column"
          "timeColumn": "time",
          "where": [
              "name": "$__timeFilter",
              "params": [],
              "type": "macro"
      "timeFrom": null,
      "timeShift": null,
      "title": "Verzette items",
      "transform": "table",
      "transparent": true,
      "type": "table-old"

Welcome @vincent02f9 !

Could you please elaborate on what are you trying to accomplish? Are you perhaps using an API and you need to filter the paginated results?

Also, it’d be good to know what data source you are using.

We use an MySql database.

When we filter for 30 days+ we got a lot of records. So mutch that Grafana crashed. I think there are to mutch records in the table to handle the render. So I changed it to a table with pagination. Now there are nor problems anymore, but the filter option disappear in the table.


apologies for the delay in my answer

before i can reach out to the engineering team that maintains the table visualization, we would need to know a few more details: