Is development on new Table Visualization stuck?

I’m using Grafana since version 6.6 and was quite happy with the table implementation at the time. The table implementation has changed since 7.x, and seems to be stuck since then.

Will there be further development on the table?
I’m missing following features, that I used with the old table happily:

  • Paging, show page numbers at the bottom of the table so no endless scrolling is needed
  • row coloring, new table can only color single cells
  • data still accessible when doing column hiding (e.g. I want to create a hyperlink with a url from a column, that I hide)
  • date time with time zone display, e.g. 2021-07-23 11:07:04 +02:00
    this was achieved by using this format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss Z
  • the new table cannot scroll down in a table when clicking on the scrollbar and dragging it down, it is just stuck
  • since the old table is deprecated and does not offer column filter feature, I am anxiously waiting for the above mentioned features in the new table implementation

Hi, and thanks for the feedback!

We have recently moved feature requests to GitHub Discussions which will be your best bet for getting the team’s attention on this.

You can check out the existing issues for the table visualization and add your support for the ones you’d like to see happen. For example, there’s already a feature request for pagination.

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