Switching between organisations


when I switch between organisations, URL changes to http://localhost:3000/?orgId=1 but site is not found. If I type my_hostname or IP instead of original “hostname”, I can open organisation.

I guess Grafana should have configured my_hostname instead of default. If it is so, where in docker version can I find this setting? Or, even better, how can I set this in docker-compose.yml file?

Thank You

I would be grateful if someone will point me toward solution of this problem. It is fine Grafana has a lot of customizable parameters, but it is even better if all those paramters, beggining with simple one, are under control.

Hi @roberto69

It might have to do with your [server] settings. Perhaps the root_url but I am not sure.

here are a couple topics that look similar to yours. Maybe you could try the solutions by spinning up a couple of Grafana instances via Docker

If you sill are stuck feel free to open a new issue in our GitHub repo

Hi @roberto69 , I’m having a similar problem and have yet to solve it. Please let me know if you find a solution!

Our problems might have different solutions, though. I am not using docker, and it seems that my problem comes from using a reverse proxy server.

Here’s my situation:

I am using defaults.ini [server] section to serve grafana to my Apache server on the same machine i.e. grafana-server.exe starts on localhost:3000, which Apache passes to port 8080.


Some Apache config:

So I want to only access grafana via port 8080.

It works fine when I first connect on port 8080, but if I navigate to another Org via the dropdown, it tries to go through 3000 and I get a weird error:

Upon further inspection the error contains this message:

Manually typing “8080” in place of “3000” works. My hypothesis is that grafana just throws the default.ini configs (where 3000 comes from) directly into the url request in the browser. So far I’m not sure how to get around this, but there must be a way.

I will look at what @antonio posted and let you know if I solve my problem.

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