Organizations Redirect

Good morning.

After upgrading to Grafana 9.5.1, we had issues switching between created orgs.

When trying to switch between them, we ended up being directed to “”.

I think it’s just a basic redirection problem. As we have around 8 organizations configured in grafana, and one of them is separate for viewing without login.
As soon as we try to log in, we already hit this error.

Apart from that, this new version 9.5.1 is very TOP

I also just had this same issue, adding the root_url variable fixed it for me Configure Grafana | Grafana documentation

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I am having the same issue, and I cannot add the root_url variable because I have a reverse proxy in front of Grafana.
@edersonvanazzi Did you find a way to solve this issue?

Good morning, I managed to add the “domain =” and the root_url parameter that is different from the example, follow how I added it.
“root_url = %(protocol)s://%(domain)s/”

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Thank you!

My hero. I was really struggling with this issue and this fixed it for me. My grafana instance serves about 350 employees so there was a lot of heat to fix after the update. Thank you! Fweew.

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