Streight access to contact point

I’m working on integrating grafana with service I created. And I would like that service to call contact point to send some notifications.
Like my service has a token for grafana and it call some API point of grafana with that token, UID of contact point and message that should be sent.

Is there api like that?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @ytsikhanava ,

I believe you’re looking for alerting_provisioning : contact points API.

Hey @tanmaybhat24 ,
Unfortunately, no. This api is for managering contact points when I need a way to send messages for existing points.

Hi @ytsikhanava,

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I use 9.0.2 Grafana version from container on linux machine.
My datasource is prometheous.

I would like to have contact point configurated and be able to send messages to it not only from alerts but from some side alert service I created.

I haven’t found any API for that, the only API I was suggested is Alerting provisioning: contact points and it doesn’t suit me because it just manages contact points but doesn’t send data.

So I would like to know if there is any opportunity to send message stregiht to contact point.