How to provision contact points since I can't use the provisioning export api?

First, what does this mean in the API documentation? Alerting Provisioning HTTP API | Grafana documentation

Contact point provisioning is for Grafana-managed alerts only.
Does that mean I can’t provision contact points unless I’m on the paid tier? Or does that just mean I can’t use the provisioning export functionality in the provisioning API?

Since I can’t export the contact point I created - it appears I’m stuck with manually provisioning the contact point in my helm values.yaml. Where can I find actual documentation on what the available options are within the contactpoint.yaml file? All I can find is, “here is an example”. But how do I find the exhaustive list of all options in that yaml spec? Alerting Provisioning HTTP API | Grafana documentation

I have so many questions like:

  • What types are available?
  • Given the types, what options are available under that?
  • What fields are required?

Where is this documentation?

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