Stat Plugin Overrides Display Name with error

InfluxDB1.8 Grafana9.1

i have a Stat Plugin, showing the Uptime of a VM, works so far!
because the Name is system.last or with a Alias it would be system.alias
i just wished to use the Overrides Display name and add the new name like VM108
i got a error and No data

other Stat Plugin i could change the name on the same way

have a nice day

Can you please link to “Stat Plugin” and “other Stat Plugin”? Is either of these the currently default Stat panel visualization?

your link is correct
so the stat Plugin showing system uptime don’t like the override.
the stat Plugin showing available apt update, the override works well.
and it is the same stat Plugin i use
the text is just overriding with Alias
have a nice day

still the problem
taking the from a server the uptime i can’t change the Display Name

taking from linux updates it is no problem to change the Display Name with overrrides