Modify display name using SQL server database in a Stat panel

Hi there,

I’m using version 9.2.2 on Red Hat Linux.

When I use a Stat panel with a SQL server data source the automatically assigned display name is a space delimited string consisting of all the non-numeric results returned by the query.

How can I control this?

E.g. if the automatic display name is “hub-manager All checks ERROR HEALTHY” (which corresponds to the values returned by SELECT APP_NAME, RULE_NAME, SEVERITY, HEALTHY FROM HEALTH_METRICS) how can I transform label so that it’s just “hub-manager”?

please provide your table schema and some sample data, ddl and dml

Also I think you can configure Stats to only show numeric values

I fixed this by using an Organize fields transform that hid all the fields except APP_NAME and HEALTHY:

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