Formatting values returned by a query

Hello, I am trying to reformat a value return by a query. For example, I have a stat panel that show’s count for products. Is there any way I can reformat the value return to show the value over a number. Lets say one of my products is Apple and it currently shows 10 in the panel. I’d like it to show 10/15 so I know how many products are supposed to be there. Appreciate any help, thanks.

Welcome @vconqueror

Stats requires two fields
metric: Apple
Value: 10

The way I would approach this is to tack it to the Metric

Also a wacky trick is - not sure if it can be done dynamically?

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@yosiasz. Thanks for responding. I’d need the 10/15 to be dynamic. So if Apple changes from 10 to 9. It should display 9/15 then.

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then go with the first option of tacking it to the metric. you will need to do it in your query.

Thanks for the dynamic option unit. I believe that this is what I was looking for. I didn’t realize you could add an unit like that. That is definitely good to know

Adding on to that, if you have multiple values you want to do this for like LG also. You could override based on the fields returned by the query.

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Oh this is nice. My data source is Mimir so I don’t have this functionality. But this is really useful

Any insight into why you went with mimir to manage products?

Hi, unfortunately not. Appreciate your help.

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