SQL logic error: no such table:

I am trying to build a dashboard from my local sqlite database. I have configured my datasource and clicked save and test and everything semes to be fine up to here.

However , when I try to query from the database it show the following error message
SQL logic error: no such table: table_name

could you please help in resolving this ?

Welcome @mohhussain06

Please share your query?

I am trying to get all the record in my table to view them. however it is telling my that that table is not available. see this screenshot

Cqn you use that exact query of that db using another querying tool outside grafana?

yes, see this code from vs code get me all the records in my database

That just shows python code, not seeing the results

I resolved the issue by changing the directory having the sqlite db, it seems the issue was with the permission. thank you