Error checking db: no file exists at the file path

I neede to work on grafana with sqlite datasource. I downloaded this sqlite datasource plugin but even after giving correct filepath and details when I press save and test I get the error. checked multiple times the database file really exist and requires no permissions.
even restarted grafana

error checking db: no file exists at the file path


this is the file path I’m writing.

can someone please help me with that

I already read this faq’s and this was not able to solve my problem

is Grafana installed on the same machine that has the I: drive?

one thing to mention this directory “I” is the network locations directory.

where is grafana installed?

it is in my local system
directory (c drive)

The doc mentions file has to be installed on same machine as grafana

This is a Grafana backend plugin to allow using an SQLite database as a data source. The SQLite database needs to be accessible to the filesystem of the device where Grafana itself is running.

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so there Isn’t anyway to link grafana to sqlite datasource which is in separate directory?

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no there isn’t a way to link it to a remote file. you can also imagine the security issue such an approach poses.

what uses this sqlite db that it has to be on a remote location? Do you have an app that currently uses it?

This DB is getting updated continuously By an application running on my teammate’s system and we both have access to this network directory now I want to use this database file in Grafana to create a dashboard.
one thing to mention we both are also connected to the same local network.

few options

  1. copy that file to a local folder where grafana is installed on cron job every 5 minutes
  2. use a more robust database for the application such as mysql or postgres then both the app and grafana can use a centralized database
  3. have a proper separate server where mysql installed, and grafana is installed on and application is installed on. (not on your or teammate’s system, laptop, desktop)
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Ok so I’ll go with the cron job thing.
Or I’ll write some python script to get the updated rows only as the database will be big.
Well thanks for helping with that.
Thank You so much.

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