SQlite datasource and grafana 8.2.1

Hi, I upgraded grafana from version 8.1.7 to version 8.2.1. The SQlite datasource has not worked since then. When verifying the datasource, it writes: error checking existence: stat /home/grafana/database.db: permission denied
I am convinced that the file has the correct rights:
-rwxrwxrwx 1 grafana grafana 364K Oct 13 10:35 database.db
Don’t know what else can be wrong?


Try this:

chown -R grafana:grafana /home/grafana

Fadjar Tandabawana

This has no effect. The problem must be elsewhere. If I go back to version 8.1.7, everything works fine.

I have the same problem.

Hi, I’m facing the same issue did you manage to solve it without downgrading to 8.1.7?


Hi, the database file must not be in folder “/home/…”.
It works for me in the “/opt/grafana/…” folder.

Yeah, this seems to be a new feature of the standard installation for Grafana v8.2.0. You can change that behavior but it is not related to the plugin.
Some more information can be found here: error checking existence: stat {path to db}: permission denied - for database in /home directory · Issue #73 · fr-ser/grafana-sqlite-datasource · GitHub