Sorting Dashboards

Is there any way to Sort Alphabetically Dashboard folders?

Hi reuvygroovy!
Dashboard folders are displayed in alphabetical order (with the exception of General folder, which is always last one). Check out for example

So we can’t sort the General folder?

Can we then hide it?


When you move all of your dashboards to other folder, it will be automatically hidden. Do not delete your General folder.

Do not do this: But you can move all the dashboards in it to the different folder and delete the general folder. As long as you won’t add new dashboards to it (general folder is a default folder and when saving dashboards, it is always going to be as an option in the dropdown), it is not going to be displayed in the list.

For people finding this thread for whatever reason: DON’T DELETE THE GENERAL FOLDER.

Just lost a year worth of work because i moved dashboards from General to where the dashboards should be, deleted the general folder and all dashboards were deleted along with it.

This is the issue in github and even though it doesn’t mentio “deletion” of dashboards (it says “empty state”), you’ll loose your dashboards. At least i couldn’t recover mine.

@fviero I am really sorry to hear that. I have edited my response to make sure users don’t delete their general folder (it is not even possible anymore). I am certain it wasn’t the case when I was giving the advice, but we have fixed it and removed the option to delete general folder in this PR.