General folder delete

Hi all,
we do reorg of our dashboard in some folder that we created using k8s-sidecar-target-directory annotations

    k8s-sidecar-target-directory: "/var/lib/grafana/dashboards/infrastructure"

But all the dashboard still present and duplicated also in general folder.
How can we remove dashboard to be showed in general folder and general folder itself?


the general folder is special and behave differently from any other folder that you might create.

I don’t believe it can be deleted

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Thanks Matt, so do you know how to avoid that dashboards being duplicated on both folders?

Hello, was this ever figured out? We also have a similar issue and don’t want to show the general folder. It doesn’t make sense to automatically create a folder with everything inside when we have the dashboards organized outside.

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Hi, we finally found the solution for that problem

# Set SCProvider to false to solve the General folder issue.
**SCProvider: false**