SingleStat Unit Bug?


I am new with grafana and need some help.

On an “SingleStat” I have an convert issue.
I have data in Bytes and would like to show as Gigabytes.
Under “Option -> Unit” I used “data (metrics) -> bytes”. But the convert from Bytes to Gigabytes is wrong.

For example:
I have the value “51536498688” (in bytes) but the converted value in Grafana is 52GB (that’s wrong) instead of 47.997GB.

Addtional Information:
Grafana: Grafana v4.5.1 (commit: c114c46)
Datasource: Zabbix
Plugin App Zabbix: 3.3.0

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for any replies.

This is just a difference between Gibibyte and Gigabyte. Compare result of data (IEC) and data (Metric) units.

Thanks for the reply, but i used the data (Metric) but the value “51536498688” was not converted. The SingleStat shows 52GB (that’s wrong) instead of 47.997GB.

But you should use data (IEC) if you want to get Gibibytes. 51536498688 bytes = 52 GiB = 47.9 GB

I’m confused, but you’re right.
My understanding was that 1 Kilobyte (KB) is 1024 Bytes not 1000 Bytes.

Thanks for your reply and the help. Have a nice 2018!

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v7.3.1 (6668161a88)
Good afternoon! Now faced with a similar situation. In Linux, it shows du -s 335778392 kilobytes or du -sh 321G. In Graphanа, when you select Unit kibibytes = 320.2 Gib. But if you select Unit kilobytes, it will be = 335.8 GB. It turns out that the values in Graphanа are mixed up, it should be Unit kilobytes = 320.2 GB