Incorrectly displayed data values on the dashboard

v7.3.1 (6668161a88)
In Linux, it shows du -s 335778392 kilobytes or du -sh 321G. In Graphanа, when you select Unit kibibytes = 320.2 Gib. But if you select Unit kilobytes, it will be = 335.8 GB. It turns out that the values in Graphanа are mixed up, it should be Unit kilobytes = 320.2 GB

Hi Vlad,

When you use grafana units is like saying “the origin data is in XXX units”… but after that grafana would convert those units to other to easily be displayed

So what’s the result? Or is the description of the problem unclear?

Hi! When will the commit be completed?
The values in the kilobytes and kibibytes graphs are still mixed up