Need help with converting Bytes to Human Readable Format in Grafana Table Panel


I’m currently building a dashboard in Grafana and I’ve run into a situation that requires your expertise. In one of my Table panels, there is a column that displays data size in bytes (for example, 11654823254 bytes).

I would like to transform these byte values into a more human-readable format directly within the table, ideally displaying them as gigabytes (GB) with two decimal places, such as “10.85 GB”.

Could anyone guide me on how to convert these byte values to a human-readable format? I’m using Opensearch as my data source.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

Hi @zap
Have you already selected the unit of measure in Grafana?

Have you considered using a Grafana transformation like this?

Thanks, it works with “Standard options” !